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Get your unique business idea converted into digital reality or enhance you’re online
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Why Mobile Apps ?

The mobile industry has exponentially grown in the past few years. It is estimated half of the world population will have a mobile phone in the next five years.

According to a report by Flurry, time spent by a cellphone user on mobile applications is 86%.

Whether you are an established brand or an emerging startup your clients need a way to communicate to you, and a mobile application is just the right tool.

Business Apps

Through mobile applications, a business can provide numerous features like product prices, catalog, news feeds, messenger, booking forms, etc.; directly to its customers.

While a good messenger service in your app can connect the client directly to your help desk without any hassle.

What would you personally prefer, calling a help desk, or just messaging your concern through text?


Dev Team

Finding a mobile app development team, that understands your organizational requirement and can deliver a good functional product on time, is no easy task.

It’s important for the development team to fully understand your business goals and objectives while developing an attractive and glitch-free mobile application.

Hence only a team of experts who know how to code is not enough; a good blend of designers, frontend, backend developers, and QA engineers are required.

Key Features

  • Modern Outlook (User Interface)

We have a pool of expert designers and engineers who specialize in developing UI/UX of mobile applications. User intuition and appealing design are the two aspects we focus most on while in the design process.

  • Cross-Platform Approach

We can and have developed native applications; however, we mostly prefer a cross-platform approach because of interface uniformity on all platforms and reduced development time and cost.

  • Seamless Deployment

We usually deploy the mobile application on the cloud, which makes the deployment very smooth and increase accessibility. Useful tools like dockers make the process much easier when it comes to teamwork.

  • Complete Development Teams

At Centangle our designers, UX engineers, frontend, and backend developers all work in unison to develop an impeccable and extraordinary mobile application.

Technology Stack

Furthermore, mobile development is a fast-paced market, of which Android and iOS are holding almost all the market share.

While android has the bigger piece of the pie, apple still holds a significant share in the market, and to have a reach to all the potential customers the mobile application should be on both platforms. We can go with a native approach to get two applications developed for both iOS and Android.

Or a much faster and cheaper hybrid/cross-platform approach can be followed using


React Native








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