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We have developed multiple MIS systems tailored to the specific businesses. Our property management system is the best rental and property management system in Pakistan. We have evolved our dental business management system overtime and it is currently being used by our clients. We have also developed solutions for cinema reservation and management, hospital MIS system and general store management system.

Centangle Interactive is one of the best MIS software development companies in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Centangle Interactive provides services for the development of information systems for business needs. These MIS systems have the capability to provide managers with the tools to organize, evaluate and manage efficiently the departments within an organization. Special purpose Office Information Systems are also developed oriented towards business process evaluation and management.

We also deal with hospital management systems. We have evolved a hospital/clinic management system for various hospitals and clinics over the period of time. These systems have made the hospitals/clinics paperless by providing low-cost reliable automation of the existing systems. Moreover, they are serving as a complete hospital management information system with the features of hospital billing system, hospital accounting system along with patient billing system. The most important benefits that these management systems provide are least manpower requirements and instant information retrieval.

Our property and rental management system are currently being used by multiple businesses. The system smoothly integrates with our ERP and accounting system and provides wonderful control to our clients to manage their businesses.

We provide complete MIS demo on campus or on customer campus before going into contract for MIS and office automation.

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