Management Information Systems

Centangle developed multiple MIS systems tailored to the specific businesses which includes property, dental, school, and fee management systems. Centangle have also developed solutions for cinema reservation and management, hospital MIS system and general store management system.

Management Information Systems

Centangle Interactive provides services for the development of information systems for business needs. These MIS systems have the capability to provide managers with the tools to organize, evaluate and manage efficiently the departments within an organization. Special purpose Office Information Systems are also developed oriented towards business process evaluation and management.

We also deal in hospital management systems. We have evolved a hospital/clinic management system for various hospitals and clinics over the period of time. These systems have made the hospitals/clinics paper less by providing low cost reliable automation of the existing systems. Moreover, they are serving as a complete hospital management information system with the features of hospital billing system, hospital accounting system along with patient billing system. The most important benefits that these management systems provide are least manpower requirements and instant information retrieval.

Our property and rental management system is currently being used by multiple businesses. The system smoothly integrates with our ERP and accounting system and provides wonderful control to our clients to manage their businesses.

We provide complete MIS demo on campus or on customer campus before going into contract for MIS and office automation.

Web Design and Development

Elegant and Responsive Designs

we craft beautiful yet fluid and responsive websites and web appliations that will help you in implement your business model using online tools.

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Branding and Identity

Logos, Letterhead and Brouchers

Designing your entire digital assets in accordance with your brand is a great way to bring value to the product. We can help brand your entire digital assets.

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ERP development and Implementation

Accounting and Finance

Centangle has been developing and implementing ERP solutions for small and medium sized companies since 2013. Contact us to get quotations for implementation of already developed ERP solution or development of custom solution for your business.

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Desktop Application Development

Cross Platform, Intranet and Cloud Sync Enabled Applications

We build softwares and applications for desktop platforms that you can either run as a standalone product or submit it to Windows metro app store.

Mobile Application Development

Android/iOS Applications

From small mobile utilities to complex iOS and Android apps, Our team of dedicated mobile developers make sure your app is according to the market standards.

Internet Marketing

Productive Marketing Solutions

Our great social media strategy can not only help you foresee the outcome of your campaign but also helps you find targeted audience as much as possible.

Shopober Point of Sale (POS)

Retail Management Software

Shopober (POS) is developed using WPF and Sync framework and is perfect solution for multi-store setup as well as single store businesses.

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