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Why an MIS?

An organization can improve its decision-making through a management information system (MIS), by leveraging data on different organizational assets. These assets vary from financials to inventory, personnel, project timelines, marketing, etc. In a nutshell, an MIS gathers and saves data, and makes it available for managers and other concerned personnel. The end-user can analyze data by running different reports. If correctly deployed, MIS becomes the cornerstone of an organization’s operations. Conventionally MIS has only been considered for large organizations running big data operations, but recently the trend has changed. MIS is now being used in all kinds of setups, from large multinationals to small non-profit organizations, even to a doctor running his clinic’s appointment and keeping the patient’s record through MIS. MIS is now becoming an integral part of all kinds and sizes of businesses.

An MIS can be used in management control, strategic planning, and transaction processing. MIS is used to connect numerous data points in order to accomplish ways to increase business efficiency. For instance, you can check sales of your products in different locations, for each month. After analyzing the trends, different strategies can be planned to increase sales. One can double down on the geographical area where the sale is already happening more or analyze and solve the issues in low sale areas. The possibilities are limitless when data is at your disposal to be analyzed.


Types of MIS

There are different types of MIS, used in different organizational scenarios.
Organizations use these different types in combination or have separate MIS run in
isolation to perform different tasks. A most common type of MIS is, the transaction
processing system (TPS), Operations Information System (OIS), and Decision Support
System (DSS). Through Transaction Processing System, organizations process all
its transactions like customer orders and inventories. Operations Information System
helps managers and business owners to precisely plan various business aspects, like
a production plan or schedule of business activities. While business executives and
directors can find feasible solutions and options to different scenarios using the decision
support system.

Upgradation of the business’s information system starts with identifying the problems and exploring its solution. Every organization has its own goals and problems. Even two very identical businesses will have different customer demographic and unique business strategies. Customizing the MIS to meet the needs of the business is important. Often organization acquires a ready-made solution that usually does not answer all the business and administrative needs and the organization ends up entering and manipulating the same data again and again. Hence sometimes decreasing efficiency instead of increasing it. Centangle is aware of these problems, we plan and customize the MIS according to the organization’s needs. If required, we integrate data of currently running MIS into one solution. Recently we have developed MIS for hospitals, dental clinics, NGOs, laboratories, educational institutions, general stores, and other SMEs. We have also developed very neat and small solutions for shipment companies and cinemas. Our property and rental management system are currently being used by multiple businesses. The system smoothly integrates with our ERP and accounting system and provides wonderful control to our clients to manage their businesses.

Key Features

Seamless Deployment

Our dev-ops team will guide and advise you on all the plans and requirements needed to deploy the software.

Smooth Integration

While developing the strategy we will try to make a plan that integrates all the important data into our planned MIS.

Comprehensive Training

We will not just develop the MIS and hand you, we will train your staff on every nut and bolt of the software.

Strategic Direction

Before developing anything we will sit with you, and discuss your business goals and the results you want to achieve from the new MIS.

Advance Quality Assurance

Our QA team keeps up to date with ever-changing QA trends and delivers a finished product that is functional to all the demands.

Seamless Deployment

Our dev-ops team will guide and advise you on all the plans and requirements needed to deploy the software.

Technology Stack

Our teams go through a continuous learning process to master the technology stacks used in the industry. Regular training is provided to the developers to keep their capacity up to date.


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