ERP Software Development in Islamabd, Pakistan

ERP solutions are the backbone of businesses in todays digital world. Centangle has been developing and implementing ERP solutions for small and medium-sized companies since 2013. Contact us to get quotations for implementation of already developed ERP solution or development of custom solution for your business

Centangle Interactive is one of the best ERP software development companies in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Centangle has a dedicated team of ERP development. The team has a vast experience of 7+ years of development and implementation experience of small and medium-sized ERP solutions. The ERP solution includes financial management module as the core of the bookkeeping system. Other modules such as hospitality management, human resource management, and supply chain management etc. are integrated into the financial management module.

Custom modules are also developed on a crash basis for an organization that requires custom modules to integrate with our financial management module. The solution is optimized for cloud, self-hosted and intranet environment.

If you are a medium or small business and want automation in your organization, or you want ERP system for small business give us a call or visit our office.

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