Custom Software Development in Islamabad, Pakistan

We have been successfully empowering different companies since 2013. We have success stories of our IIT-enabled clients to share with you, before moving to a long-term business relationship. Our development cycle has evolved over the time into a very successful model, enabled by tools like Github, Trello, Slack, Skype integrated with our office servers to show the ongoing process to our client while development.

Centangle Interactive is one of the best professional custom software development companies in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Be it a small scale management system or a resource-intense enterprise resource planning software, our team at Centangle Interactive can build you the software with features that are specific to your business. From a small shop point of sale, developed using Microsoft desktop application development frameworks like WPF,  to a large intranet or online application that automates whole business processes, we excel in creating the best software that fulfills your needs. Our professionals are experts in business processes like finance, budgeting, and forecasting that give us the advantage over other software development companies.

Our Expertise

We started as a software development company in 2013. Since then, we have developed numerous Software for our valued clients. We use Microsoft technologies to develop desktop software. We have proficient knowledge of business processes and implementation in the following fields.

MIS Software

We have developed MIS software for national and international non-profit organizations. We deal with the unique requirements and challenges of the non-profit sector on a day-to-day basis.

Health-Related Software

Our lab management system is currently operational in a number of labs around Pakistan. Apart from Lab Management, we have also developed patient MIS systems. Read more about Lab Automation.

ERP Software

Business automation improves output by multiple folds. The key to your success in scaling your business is greatly affected by the use of technology. We have developed and successfully implemented ERP software in different organizations. Our developers have a firm knowledge of the tax, accounting, and finance standards of Pakistan.

Micro-Credit Software

Small Financial institutions need to be very robust in developing countries like Pakistan. We have successfully automated a number of microcredit organizations through SAJIL.

POS Software

Shopober is one of the best software available for shops in Pakistan. Learn more about shopober here.

GIS Software

GIS software lets you create maps and other graphic displays of geographic information. It is sometimes very helpful for presentation or analysis. Distributed on the map from the district to the village level, your geographical data can help your user better understand the territorial importance. We create both offline and online GIS-enabled software.

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