We dedicated uncountable working hours in creating solutions that have a tremendous ability to expand. Centangle believes in quality and affordable solutions. We always take the approach that is not inclined towards one part, instead, it moves forward providing mutual benefits

01. Kickoff Meeting

The foremost step of our product development process the exploratory meeting where we hear the idea of the client and ask a lot of questions. Our team creates wireframes and concept layouts for the end product to be developed.

02. Requirements Gathering

Based on the client’s requirements or TORs, our Q/A Engineers document each and every possible functionality of the product. This document, later on, acts as a base for product development. It is meant to be evolved with the product itself.

03. Project Approval

Once the document is approved by the client, a formal deal takes place. A few formal legal documents are signed on basis of the Terms of Reference (TORs) provided by the client

04. Wire-framing & Prototypes

The project is divided into different phases and milestones for both product development and financial matters. Developers and designers are assigned their tasks to achieve the expected result successfully. The wireframes are approved and proceeded to next step after approval.

05. Product Development

This is the core phase of the whole process. It is supposed to be the most time consuming phase where the actual product is designed, developed and tested for quality assurance.

06. Delivery

The final step is product delivery/launch. Once the product is delivered, support and training are offered depending on the terms agreed in the very first phase of the project.

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COVID-19 Announcement

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the entire team of Centangle Interactive is working virtually and all services are being delivered without any interruption.


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