Shopober - An affordable POS Solution in Pakistan

Shopober is a complete Point of Sales – POS System in Pakistan that has been specially developed keeping in mind the conventions and practices of the national retail industry. You can grow your business with Shopober by automating your sales process.
Shopober POS
How does Shopober help your business?

The key features of Shopober POS Solution

Manage Inventory

With Shopober, you can manage your sales activities either with the support of third party hardware on with the standalone PSO Software.

Manage Sales

We have simplified the way you keep track of your inventory. It's now possible to manage your entire inventory sitting in front of a computer.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed graphical and tabular reports are now a few clicks away. With the help of these reports, you can focus on improving your sales.

Why Shopober POS?

Fluid, clean and user-friendly interface.

Operate software without optional hardware.

Simple sales management screens.

Easy to navigate inventory management tool.

Integrated accounting system.

Works with major hardware manufacturers.

OneClick updates for lifetime.

Multi-branch ready.

User control with access management.

Graphical and tabular reporting.


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