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Sajil – ERP Solution

Sajil - A Premium ERP Software in Pakistan

Sajil is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that has been developed keeping in mind the specific industry practices of Pakistan. The software has a module-based approach which makes it easier to be implemented in almost any kind of business.
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The key features of Sajil ERP Software

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With Sajil, you can manage the financial activities of your organization and get comprehensive reporting based on a standard chart of accounts system.

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We have simplified the way you keep track of financial institution management no matter how big or small your bank or cooperative society is.

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With the school management module, you can mange single or multiple branches of your school, college or educational institution with add-ons like examinations, attendance etc.

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What our customer says?

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“I am very happy with the great software provided by Shopober replacing our old POS system. The interface is very clean and easy to operate by salesmen.”

— Shahid Khan (Owner)

MSK Cash & Carry, Peshawar

“Shopober is a good software for managing my electronics shop. I have two shops and we sell many products. It is hard to keep track of sales and inventory through a manual register but Shopober makes it easier.”

— Tanvir Shahbaz (Owner)

Raja Computers & Accessories, Rawalpindi

“After using a free version of Shopober for a week, I have upgraded to Shopober Starter which is a good decision in terms that it gives me the power to manage my boutique efficiently.”

— Mishal Abdullah (Co-founder)

Mishal & Syrah Salon
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