FolkVirsa - A Folk Music Streaming App for Android and iOS Devices

FolkVirsa is a music streaming app where users can listen to folk music from countries like Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Iran and other regions of South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East. The major focus of FolkVirsa is folk music of Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral (GBC) regions of Pakistan.
FolkVirsa music streaming website
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[icon_box icon_name=”pixicon-music-headphones” icon_hover=”no” icon_color=”default” title=”No more buffering” title_uppercase=”no” custom_size=”21px” display_button=”no” align=”left”]Switch between music qualities from low, medium and HD versions.[/icon_box]
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App Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of FolkVirsa Android app developed by Centangle Interactive.
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What our users say?

We value our users’ reviews about the app. Here is what some of the FolkVirsa users have to say about the app as well as the original music that we produce in collaboration with artists and recording studios.
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I have absolutely no idea what the singers are actually saying but definitely it feels really good listening to them. It is the kind of a song that takes you to some pleasant memories and brings a soft smile. Moreover the video regarding the capturing of scenic beauty itself gives a feeling of wandering in heavens.

— Ufaque Zareen Butt, Azad Kashmir

Nice work. Easy to listen to any folk music of G-B.
Looking forward to the mobile app launch.
Much appreciated!

— Izhar Ali, Gilgit

You guys rock! This is a great app for G-B music. Keep it up guys and stay blessed.

— Rahym Khan, Karachi

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COVID-19 Announcement

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the entire team of Centangle Interactive is working virtually and all services are being delivered without any interruption.


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