Sajil Business Solution


1.     Problem Statement:

  • Gilgit Baltistan is known as one of the fast-growing region not only within Pakistan but also (i) having its strategic geographic positioning in CPEC, (ii) famous for leisure Industry and (iii) great potential for Gems, Minerals and Agro-based Industry provides opportunities for economic activities ranging from small enterprises to large scale industry.
  • Education in GBC also has made the environment enabled for entrepreneurship. However having geographically scattered with poor infrastructure, it is not only difficult to initiate new businesses but also difficult for existing businesses to survive.
  • The community concept of Savings made several grass root level organizations like V/WOs generate savings and provide lending facilities to communities at the village level. At second tier cooperative societies one of the best initiatives in providing services of Financial Institutions at regional levels. The need and demand for these services have been increasing enormously as the educated society of GBC is now taking business initiatives resulting in increased needs for access to finance.
  • Our experience at root levels in this region, as professional service providers for the last four (4) years, has enabled us to learn the real challenges being faced by local organizations in their development life cycle.
  • It was observed that despite potentials to grow as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) these organizations have failed to realize that growth due to;
  • Lack of or ineffective professional support in the development of their governance, process, and systems, and organizational level controls.
  • Having no access to technology for effective and efficient business processes and reporting this may be due to; i). Unavailability of cost-effective business solutions, ii). Non-customized solutions, iii). Non-availability of Local service providers for timely provision of technical support services, iv). Lack of or no knowledge of current business processes etc.
  • Due to lack of business process automation especially financial management domain we have observed some key issues/business risking existing business systems/processes;
  • Completeness and Accuracy of Financial Records: Currently, there is no automation system (accounting software) in place in any of the local enterprises resulting lack of system based financial records. This restricts owners for decision making based on the existing financial position of the business. Hardly few of the enterprises acquire financial information from manual records (single entry based) once in a year which may not help in timely decision making.
  • Book Keeping & Financial Management: due to lack of financial systems, double-entry bookkeeping is not possible for these local enterprises. Having no proper bookkeeping systems, the risk of miss-representation of financial records is at the highest levels.
  • Management Information System & Management Accounting: There is no concept of management information and management accounting which helps owners to plan, prepare and execute businesses without exposure to business risks. This has resulted in many small enterprises in a slow death, especially community-based organizations in Gilgit Baltistan &Chitral (GBC).
  • Therefore, such challenges, and many more not mentioned here, not only restricted them to grow however also left them with limited options for their professional survival.

2.     Problem Solution:

  • Having Finance and Information Technology professional expertise within embed of Dilyab with over 15 Years of national and international professional experience and considering the above issues being faced by local organizations, we decided to develop an in-house “Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP”. A customized business solution has been developed which is best fit for this environment having the capacity to modify and tailored based on business to business needs.
  • In addition, Dilyab believes that only by developing and deploying the ERP won’t serve the purpose in responding the needs to local organizations, however, detail business process re-engineering, where applicable, with in-depth training on systems & process and effective implementation of SAJIL would assist these organizations to develop themselves in real sense.

SAJIL is the brand name of the business technology solution. It is derived from two Burushiski (language spoken in Hunza, Pakistan) words i.e. SA means ‘sun’ and JIL means ‘crack of dawn’, ‘first light ‘representing a theme for ‘a new beginning’. Dilyab Associates believes that SAJIL would be a new beginning for GBC local organizations to advance their systems & processes through a locally developed business automation solution.